Come on, guys. Let us not take the lazy narrative offered by some of our favorite local writers and bemoan this loss to Denver as actually making a bit of difference in post-season seeding. 

First, we still control our own destiny. Win our games and it won't matter what Denver does. We will end up with the 3 or 4, and either way are unlikely to have to play Denver and certainly won't have to play AT Denver. 

Second, know your tie-breaker rules before freaking out. Even if we win, the best we do is push the tie-breaker to the next tier. If we were playing for a 3-1 season series win, it would have been a much bigger deal. Playing for a split would not have likely netted us anything: 

Denver is not going to win their division, so you can ignore the first tie-breaker (and if they did overtake OKC, we weren't going to end up tied with them). The second tie-breaker - "better winning percentage in games against each other" - is the one everyone is talking about. Denver wins that. However, even if we won tonight and pushed on #2, you go to the fourth tie-breaker (since we're not in the same division): "Better winning percentage against teams in own conference." 

Denver is 30-11 and the Grizzlies are 24-14. We have 14 games left against the Western Conference. Denver has 11 games left against the Western Conference, 6 of which are at home (where they are bulletproof, apparently). It is highly unlikely that we were going to make up that gap - nonetheless overtake it. 

So relax. Like I said before the trip started, it is no big deal. It is awesome that we won the first two to assure no worse than a .500 trip, and particularly to beat Flop City. But at the end of the day, no one of these games matters enough for you to be melting down. 

Grind on, Memphis.