I could make this article very short and simply type the word "rebounds." There were quite a few areas of concern for Memphis, but getting worked on the boards is the number one concern heading into Monday's Game 2. Never in my life would I have guessed this physical, tough Memphis team would get out rebounded by 24. 


Now, where do you lay the blame? The post players? The perimeter players (Eric Bledsoe grabbed 6 boards. Unacceptable)? While those are obviously the people who have to get the job done, I feel at least some of this comes down to Lionel Hollins. His lineups in the 4th quarter were absolutely laughable. It is a felony that Jerryd Bayless (30 minutes) logged more time than both Tony Allen (17 minutes) and Mike Conley (28 minutes). That is not to say Bayless didn't play well, but you simply cannot deny the best perimeter defender in the league and your starting point guard playoff minutes.


Outside of that, the game went about how I expected. Memphis played tough and was very much in the game late despite the rebounding performance. It got ugly late, but the score is not very indicative of how close this match was. 


My advice to the Grizzlies? Forget this game even occurred. Tomorrow is Game 1. My advice to Lionel? Get your head out of your ass. This is the Playoffs, not some mid season matinee at Staples. You have a host of quality players with playoff experience at your disposal. Use them in crunch time.


Still saying Grizz in 7. Monday is huge.