As we patiently wait for Game 5 in OKC on Wednesday night, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the email I've received from Thunder fans over the last week in response to my review of my trip to Oklahoma City. I owe @TheLostOgle a debt of gratitude for putting these folks in touch with me via his post last week.

Unlike The Lost Ogle, I decided not to provide the email address of these fine Oklahomans. I did, however, leave their name unredacted. If they're going to send these emails, they ought to own up to them. I highlighted some of the best parts for those who will just skim these.


It will come as no surprise that the majority of the emails I received were not particularly friendly. Here are some of the best:

Where does one even begin? What is with the constant change of font? Did he copy and paste this from somewhere else? It is oddly specific to have been plagiarized, right? I would love to know what portion of my original article made him think that I blamed the Thunder for scheduling the game at noon. I also CANNOT pretend to UNDERSTAND the [RANDOM] use of CAPITAL letters or [BRACKETS]. I think the most alarming thing is that he seems to suggest that mentally handicapped people are not allowed to attend Thunder games. That can't be true though, can it? (Thanks to @skalded for pointing out that the last portion was copy/pasted from the legendary angry sorority girl letter, without attribution.)

I think this brief message speaks for itself. I would suggest a comma, however.

So Mr. Robbins decided to defend the relentless dedication of Thunder fans by pointing out that most of them dumped their tickets onto the secondary market because they couldn't be bothered to attend a conference semi-final game at noon on Sunday? Interesting approach. I will use this example to address one of the most prevalent criticisms I received regarding bias. I am not a journalist. I am a Memphis Grizzlies fan with a blog. If you expected objectivity, you came to the wrong place. Stop complaining about it. 

This fits another category of emails I received: Attack Memphis. It seems that the best way for Thunder fans to rehabilitate their bruised ego is to trash Memphis. I must have forgotten the paragraph of my original article in which I declared Memphis to be free from problems and discussed how the Grizzlies franchise has been blessed with great attendance. 


Not everyone who wrote to me was full of piss and vinegar, however. Here are some of the more cordial emails. 

Matt seems to understand that I was merely expressing my personal opinion based on my personal experience. He was even kind enough to direct me to The Lost Ogle for some counter-points. 

Craig wrote the friendliest email I received. Not surprisingly, it also demonstrated the best grammar and punctuation. He understood the purpose of the original post and I was flattered that he felt that I am "the type of fan that every team deserves." By leading with something so reasonable, the entire email was much easier to read. I would note that I think he misunderstood some parts of my article, as I never said that Oklahoma City was full of "white trash 'elitist' citizens" as he referenced at the end of his email. I did not find the people to be trashy or elitist. They were overwhelmingly white, but I don't even think I noted that in my article. I think I said that Thunder fans were "entitled" which I do not equate with them being elitist. Perhaps these were his own words and he was not referencing mine. 


There you have it - a sample of the emails I've received. I left out perhaps the best one, which was simply a picture of somebody's bowel movement. Very classy. 

I am sure nobody will be surprised to learn that the feedback (via twitter or email) has dropped off significantly as the Grizzlies took control of the series. 

I welcome you to continue providing feedback, but I would ask you send it to my personal email address going forward:


Grind on, Memphis.