It's Monday, which means the latest weekly NBA power rankings are out. After what was the toughest week Memphis has faced this season, playing 4 road games in 5 nights, the Grizz split the west coast road trip. Winning the 1st two in Portland and LAC, and dropping the last two in Denver and Utah. As we begin this week back in the Grindhouse, the Grizz are one spot higher in this weeks power rankings, to get back in the top 5. Here is what was said about the previous week for the Grizzlies: "The Grizzlies have lost two straight, but a road win over the Clippers and the ability to hang until the final minute with the Nuggets in Denver really legitimized their 14-1 stretch against a mostly soft schedule. Zach Randolph came back from his injury to average 17.3 points and 11.3 rebounds in four games last week. Wednesday's visit from the Thunder will be the biggest test of Memphis' post-trade defense." This week the Grizz will play vs. Minnesota, vs. Oklahoma City, @ NOLA, and vs. Boston. Thank god we are back in the 901 for 3 out of 4 games this week.


Here is a look at week 20's power rankings, according to


    1. Miami Heat (51-14)

    2. San Antonio Spurs (51-16)

    3. Oklahoma City Thunder (50-17)

    4. Denver Nuggets (45-22)

    5. Memphis Grizzlies (44-21)

    6. Los Angeles Floppers (46-21)

    7. Indiana Pacers (40-26)

    8. Boston Celtics (36-29)

    9. Los Angeles Fakers (36-32)

    10. Brooklyn Nets (38-28)

    11. Houston Rockets (36-31)

    12. New York Knicks (38-26)

    13. Atlanta Hawks (37-29)

    14. Chicago Bulls (36-29)

    15. Dallas Mavericks (31-35)

    16. Golden State Warriors (38-30)

    17. Milwaukee Bucks (33-32)

    18. Utah Jazz (34-32)

    19. Washington Wizards (23-42)

    20. Portland Trail Blazers (31-34)

    21. Toronto Raptors (26-41)

    22. Cleveland Cavs (22-44)

    23. Minnesota Timberwolves (23-41)

    24. Sacramento Kings (23-44)

    25. Phoenix Suns (22-45)

    26. Philadelphia 76ers (25-40)

    27. New Orleans Hornets (22-45)

    28. Detroit Pistons (23-45)

    29. Orlando Magic (18-49)

    30. Charlotte Bobcats (14-52)


Biggest jumps of the week: Minnesota (+5), Philadelphia (+3), Atlanta, Brooklyn, L.A. Lakers, Sacramento (+2)


Biggest fallbacks of the week: Milwaukee (-4), New York (-4), Detroit (-3), New Orleans (-3)


Western Conference dominance: We've known all year that the Western Conference is stacked and this weeks power rankings proved that statement even more. 7 of the top 10, and 4 of the top 5 teams in this weeks power rankings are out of the West. The West is (232-166) vs. the East in interconference play for the season and went (14-7) last week.


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