It's always good to sweep a back-to-back.  It's even better to sweep a back-to-back when a monster road trip is looming.  With a four games in five days, west coast road-trip coming up this week, the Grizz really needed to take care of business over these two cupcakes.  They were able to do so semi-easily with a combination of team-oriented offense (61% of made baskets in the two games were assisted) and their usual lock-down defense.

The Games

Friday @ Cleveland- I didn’t watch must of this game so I sent a tweet out asking how we played.  The majority of the responses were “Efficient”.  Looking at the statistics, efficient is a perfect description.  The Grizz shot 53% from the field. Of their 45 made baskets, 30 of them were assisted.   Gasol led the team with 22 points, 8 boards, 5 assists and 2 blocks.  Mike Conley was all over the floor as well, finishing with 17 points on 6-10 shooting, 11 assists, and 5 steals.  Cleveland fought the whole game and cut the lead down to as low as 4 in the 4th quarter but Jerryd Bayless hit a 3 and Conley got an and-1 off a Tony Allen steal to put the game out of reach.

Saturday v. New Orleans- I also missed most of this game because I spent the entire second half walking all over the Forum trying to locate a drunk person.  You should have to pass a drinking test to try to pull off the Tiger-Grizzlies Saturday double.  Most of those who attempt this feat end up face-down in a handicap stall halfway through the 2nd quarter.  It’s not for amateurs. Anyway…My preview of this game was one sentence long: “SOMEONE FREAKING GUARD RYAN ANDERSON!!!” Anderson hit seven 3-pointers in an ugly 91-83 Grizzlies loss in January.  While he did finish with 17 points, he didn’t hit a 3 until 7 minutes remaining in the game, finishing only 1-5. Mike Conley played another spectacular game, finishing with 22 points, 8 assists, and 3 steals.  Ed Davis has also stepped up quite well the past few games.  He had 12 points and 9 boards (2nd straight game with 9 rebounds) and 5 Spalding-imprinted-on-your-forehead style blocks.

Oh...Anthony Davis is going to be good.

Grizzlies Tweet of the Weekend Not From @HydeParkSwag


See the 1:40 mark of this video…


BTW, dude doing the highlights in that video is apparently auditioning to take over for Christian Bale as the next Batman.

Grizzlies Article of the Weekend

Brent Koremenos wrote a nice piece Friday about Tayshaun Prince’s move to Memphis and his impact on the defensive end.   Check it out here.


Grizzlies Tweet of the Weekend from @HydeParkSwag

Not a Grizzlies Tweet but this must be addressed…



A Look at the Standings

Before the games on Sunday, the Grizzlies were actually in 3rd place by .001%.  But after the Clippers win over Detroit, Memphis is a game out of the 3 spot and 1.5 up on Denver.

Preview of the Week

Tuesday @ Portland- A rematch of the HPS walk-out game from a week ago.  Hopefully someone outside of Conley or Gasol will be able to make a freaking shot this time out.  Those two shot 17-28 from the field against the Blazers and their 20th ranked defense.  The rest of the team was a combined 21-59.  Same keys as last time…try to slow down Lillard, let Marc Gasol own LaMarcus Aldridge as per usual, and try not to get punched in the nards by Frenchy Batum.

Wednesday @ LA Clippers- Always good to catch the team you’re chasing in the standings when you’re on the road on a 2nd half to a back-to-back when they haven’t played in 2 days.  Excuses aside, Memphis needs to show they can beat this team. They lost to them in the playoffs, they lost to them in the season opener, and they got their damn doors blown off at home in January.  A win for LA would clinch the season series for them and give them the playoff-seeding tie-breaker. No this is not a must-win game, but how about winning because you’re entire fanbase hates the goddamn Clippers?

Additional Notes

-Zach Randolph, who has missed the past four games with an ankle injury, is close to returning to the lineup.  Per the Commerical Appeal, Z-Bo will play no later than Wednesday’s game at the Clippers.  There is no update on Darrell Arthur’s status.

-With their 103-92 win over the Cavs on Friday, the Grizzlies are 19-0 when scoring 100 points or more.  The Memphis defense has only given up 100 points or more in 8 games this season.



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