It’s been a busy week in Grizz Nation.  Sunday, we had Z-Bo repping the M in the All-Star Game, notching 6 points and 5 boards (and best of all, not getting injured).  Tuesday and Wednesday, the team hit the road for its Trade Reunion Tour through Detroit and Toronto.  And Thursday was the NBA trade deadline.  Let’s take a look at the games with a few notes from the deadline (snoozer for the most part) to wrap things up.

The Games

Tuesday @ Detroit- After  a sloppy, out-of-sync first quarter which saw the Pistons score


30 points, the Grizzlies turned up the defensive intensity (Detroit had 30 points in the 2nd and 3rd quarters combined) and turned this into a laugher. What was initially billed as


Tayshaun Prince’s return to Detroit, turned out to be the return of Quincy Pondexter.  After playing spot minutes and looking quite rusty against the Wolves before the break, Q-Pon looked much more comfortable against the Pistons.  He finished 4-6 from the field with a corner 3 and three steal.  Ed Davis was all over the floor as well.  His athleticism was on full show with multiple power dunks and big blocks. He finished with 14 points on 6-7 shooting (including a couple of short jumpers) with 4 boards and 4 blocks.  Davis has started to find his footing in the Grizzlies system as he’s being eased more and more into the rotation.  His performance (along with Pondexter) is going to be important if the Grizz want to make a significant post season run.

Wednesday @ Toronto- I spent the 10 minutes following the final buzzer with a gigantic, smug smirk on my face.  13 points, 5-15 shooting (two bullshit banked-in 3’s), 5 turnovers.  Listen, I don’t hate Rudy Gay but watching him throw up bricks and dribble the ball off his foot in the final minutes for another team (especially with all the passive aggressive bombs he’s been throwing at the organization) was extremely satisfying.  If it wasn’t for Alan Anderson, who I was shocked to discover was actually a black guy, channeling his inner Reggie Miller, this would have been a freaking blowout.  Tony Allen completely shut down the best two-guard Rudy Gay has ever played with, holding Demar DeRozen to 1-9 shooting,  Z-Bo grabbed 18 boards to go along with 17 points (on a poor shooting night), and Mike Conley knocked down a huge clutch 3 to close things out.


Grizzlies Tweet of the Week Not From @HydeParkSwag


Bonus Grizzlies Tweet of the Week Not From @HydeParkSwag


Best Grizzlies Article of the Week not from This Website

The Commercial Appeal has finally expanded their Grizzlies coverage, bringing on local radio host Peter Edmiston for a new recurring segment called Numbers Game.  Though I don’t agree with the premise of the initial article, it’s a good read.  Check it out here.


Grizzlies Tweet of the Week from @HydeParkSwag

Being a big guy myself, I have trouble passing up a good fat joke.


Non-Fat Joke Grizzlies Tweet of the Week from @HydeParkSwag


Weekend Preview

Friday v. Orlando- This game should be a total mismatch.  The Magic sent out four players in various trades, including unrealistic Grizzlies fans target JJ Redick. It’s doubtful any of the players the received in return will be active tonight and with the injury of Big Baby Davis and the death of Hedu Turkoglu, the Magic are extremely short-handed.  The matchup to watch will be between Marc Gasol, who has struggled shooting coming out of the break, and Nikola Vucevic, an athletic rebounder who also has a nice mid-range jumper.  I’m also curious to see how the Grizzlies rotation works.  Austin Daye got a DNP coaches decision against the Raptors.  That probably had more to do with the horrible matchup the athletic wings of Toronto provided and less to do with Daye’s play but the return of Quincy Pondexter is going to make minutes on the wing harder to come by.  The past few games have also seen the return (though somewhat limited) of Tony Wroten (WROTEN!!) to the back-up PG.  Needless to say, I am a huge fan of this development.

Sunday @ Brooklyn-  Round 2 of the Suit and Tie battle.  Memphis absolutely smoked the Nets in their first match-up, 101-77, but Brooklyn has been hot of late with 4 straight wins.  Thoughts and prayers sent to any Memphis player being guarded by serial nut-grabber Reggie Evans.  I hope you had no plans for additional children because the Human Vasectomy will put an end to those dreams…and then dive to the floor like there’s gunfire when you hand-check him.  Here’s to hoping he can bitch again about the Grizzlies running up the score (If you can’t tell, I fucking hate Reggie Evans).


Additional Notes

-The Grizzlies filled out (and I mean REALLY filled out…….…get it? BANG I’m on fire with the fat jokes this week) their roster by working out a trade with the Miami Heat for former Univ. of Texas big man Dexter Pittman and a 2nd round draft pick for Sam Young’s trade exception and the rights to some dude who will never play a second in the NBA.  Check out Pittman’s greatest NBA moment...


-Former Grizz and all-time HPS favorite, Hamed Hadaddi got a new lease on his NBA career yesterday as well.  He was dealt to the Suns for Sebastian Telfair.  Damn, Bassy…that’s a looooooong fall from Sports Illustrated cover boy.  Here’s to hoping the 7-foot Sheik can get some run for his new team.


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