If you're one of the five or 6 people that read this blog on a regular basis (translation: Friends of mine who I force to read it), you'll know I have been having format issues the past few weeks.  In an attempt to remedy those issues (and it apparently didn't work), I decided to try typing the article directly into the FanVsFan window instead of C/P-ing from Word.  Well, I had finished everything up and was clicking over to another tab to double-check a stat...accidentally close out the window and there goes everything I've typed for the past hour.




So before I hurl my computer into Germantown Parkway, here is the lighting round version of the Weekly Grind...

The Games

Monday v. San Antonio- I don't care who sat didn't play, it's always fun to beat the Spurs. Mike Conley and Jerryd Bayless were awesome down the stretch. The duo combined for 19 points in the 4th quarter, culminating with a beautiful drive and dish from Bayless to a wide-open Conley for the game-tying 3.  And then of course this happened...


Wednesday @ Portland- It's always tough to play in the Rose Garden but Portland has realized they need to be in the lottery. Conley was again terrific, Z-Bo dropped an easy 17-8, and the bench (outside of Bayless, who couldn't throw a golf ball into the Pacific Ocean) was outstanding.  Just a solid win that was never in doubt over a team that's pretty much given up on the year. Special shoutout to Lionel Hollins for smartly managing the playing time. Conley was the only starter to play over 30 minutes and he only played 31.  One final thing...it has become quite fun to watch Tony Allen destroy Wesley Matthews every time they play.  After allowing him to go off in a game in December, Tony has made it is personal mission to put Matthews in a living hell the entire time he's on the floor.

Grizzlies Tweet of the Week Not from @HydeParkSwag

A lot to choose from this week...Elliot Perry talking about Mike Conley's "Huge Nuts", a couple of funny tweets from the hilariously awkward John Hollinger, and some fan videos of Conley's game winner...but none of those really top this one from Chris Vernon:


Grizzlies Article of the Week Not from this Website

Chris Herrington of the Memphis Flyer wrote a  great piece on what all has gone in to Mike Conley's breakthrough season.  All Grizz fans should read everything Herrington writes.


Although not from this week, Zach Lowe of Grantland posted an interesting sit-down Q & A with Lionel Hollins.  Check that out here.


Grizzlies Tweet of the Week from @HydeParkSwag

I had a few good ones this week but my favorite is my own version of the Chris/Cliff Paul Statefarm commercials...

A Look at the Standings

Memphis is currently 5th place in the Western Conference, a half-game behind the 3rd place Nuggets but 1.5 games ahead of the 4th place Clippers for home court in the playoffs.  For a better explanation of this needlessly complicated situation, check out this article from GrizzGrind's own Jonathan May.

Weekend Preview

Friday v. Lakers- I hate playing the damn Lakers.  I tell myself every time going in that they're going to get every single call and yet I'm still dumbfounded by how awful the officiating actually turns out to be.  It's going to be even worse saying LA is fighting for the final playoff spot and they're playing fairly well of late.  Dwight Howard has decided to stop being a gigantic bitch for a few minutes and Kobe Bryant is having one of the best seasons of his career.  They are a little banged up however.  Kobe is riddled with several minor injuries, Steve Nash missed Tuesday's game with an hamstring injury (questionable for tonight), and Metron World Partest is out after having surgery for a torn meniscus.  The key to this game isn't slowing down Kobe Bryant. The Lakers play their best ball when Kobe is scoring AND facilitating.  I am perfectly fine with him going into hero mode (within reason...no John Wall flashbacks please) but don't let him get other guys involved.  Don't lose this game to Jody freaking Meeks and Earl Clark.

Sunday @ Sacramento- This game could be sneaky tough. Sacramento has scored over 100 points in 15 of their last 18 games (8-10 in those games) so Memphis can't come into this game and sleep walk on defense.  Of course they can't really stop anyone either. Play smart, hopefully make Demarcus Cousins fight a teammate, get the win, and get the hell home.

Additonal Notes

-The only negative aspect of Mondays win over the Spurs was the end of Mike Conley's streak of 64 consecutive games with a steal.  Conley did have a great quote after the game: "I'm happy with stealing the game, rather than the ball."

-Memphis fulfilled an annual spring tradition of signing a "veteran" free agent point guard for the playoff run. Keyon Dooling was signed through the rest of the season.  He saw his first action in the closing minute Wednesday when he came in an air-balled a 3.  Hopefully this signing works out a little better than the White Chocolate or Gilbert Arenas moves.

-Tickets for the first two Grizzlies home playoff games go on sale Saturday morning.


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