The Grizzlies will be hosting the Toronto Raptors tonight at FedEx Forum, meaning Rudy Gay will make his first return trip to Memphis since being traded last January.

Some people will tell you this is a time to say thank you to a player that leads the franchise in games played, minutes, and steals, and ranks in the top 3 in basically every other statistical catagory.

Some people will tell you this is a time to remember all the big shots and highlight plays from Rudy's six-plus seasons in a Grizzlies jersey.

Some people will remind you that Rudy Gay never requested to be traded and stayed out of trouble off the court.

I will not be one of those people.  I hate Rudy Gay and you should too.

Now when I say I hate Rudy Gay, it's "sports hate".  I don't hate him like a child molester or someone who denies the existence of the Holocaust.  I don't wish him physical harm or anything like that.  I just want him to (continue to) suck at the sport of basketball.  I want him to lose every game he plays.  I want him to miss every shot he takes.  I want him to play so badly, people make YouTube videos of his failure that will exist until the Internet ends.


I don't really hate him for his play on the court.  He had is really good moments, he had his really bad moments.  All players do.  I don't really hate him for treating every community service and fan event like a fucking chore (always last to arrive and first to leave...shitty attitude the whole time.  Maybe I really do hate him for this.)  That just isn't some guy's thing.

No, the main reason I hate Rudy Gay is because he treated his entire career in Memphis as a big fucking joke.

He just didn't care and he robbed this franchise (literally) blind.

See (get it), this past summer Rudy finally had corrective eye surgery that he has desperately needed.  How bad was his vision?  Listen to the man himself:

"I did have vision problems. Actually, it was terrible. I could hardly get my license."

So he's so blind he can barely operate a motor vehicle yet in the same interview admits he refused to wear contacts because of some "stigma" with putting shit in his eyes and refused to wear goggles because he couldn't get comfortable with them.

So let me get this straight...Rudy Gay is a professional athlete who gets paid extremely well to shoot a basketball through a relatively small hoop from varying distances up to roughly 26 feet.  And he decided to attempt this difficult task that requires extreme amounts of precision nearly legally fucking blind until he got so goddamn shitty at it, his team was better off without him.

Think about that...Rudy Gay cared so little about his basketball career, his teammates, and fans, he waited over 5 years (and nearly $100 million) to do anything to remedy a debilitating vision problem.

So fuck that guy.

Maybe when he's getting his ass booed off tonight by fans that used to love him, he'll finally be able to see (thanks to his LASIK surgery) how big of an asshole he is.